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Growing your own produce can be a great hobby which yields nutritious foods and helps lower your grocery bill. However, having adequate space for a successful garden is key and not always available. We have partnered with Hillsborough County for our Community Gardens Program in Goffstown which provides up to 50 garden plots each year to county residents.

A minimum of 75% of all gardening space will be reserved for low-income applicants free of charge and the remaining plots will be made available to other interested community members for a donation of $20. The growing season each year closes at the end of September.

Each 25’ x 25’ plot provided to participants is rototilled and staked off, making the ground ready for you to plant your seedlings. We recommend you start growing your seedlings at home and bring them to plant in your garden once they have reached a resilient stage after the last frost.

Water is available on site with spigots throughout the gardens. However, hoses are not allowed, so watering your plot must be done by your own watering cans or buckets.

You will be responsible for any pest and weed control in your garden space. All items grown onsite are for nutritional use only and must not be sold.


What We Provide

  • 25’ x 25’ rototilled & boundary-staked plots
  • Well water from a spigot (no hoses or sprinklers allowed)

What You Provide

  • Seeds & seedlings
  • Watering can or buckets
  • Gardening tools, fertilizers and materials
  • Pest control if needed
  • Regular weeding


Plots are available to all residents of Hillsborough County regardless of income.

Income eligible residents are given priority to available plots which are provided free of charge. For interested community members who exceed the income threshold, a nominal donation of $20 is requested.

How to Apply

Submit the Community Gardens Application in the Resources section by the deadline listed annually to apply for a plot. A member of the Community Gardens Project will notify you of your status.

For additional questions or assistance with your application, contact the Community Gardens Project at or by phone at (603) 668-8010 ext. 6046.