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Understanding financial literacy and budgeting is a central tool for families who are taking the steps toward becoming financially independent. Through the Your Money in Action program, individuals are empowered to take charge of their financial situation and move forward with the skills to maintain a better financial balance.

We work with each participant through a holistic coaching strategy starting with an assessment of the family's needs, goal setting and support from our other programs and community partners as needed. This three-part course provides assignments to help reflect on the information they receive in the course and begin to apply the principles to their own lives.

Topics covered in Your Money in Action include:
  • Financial goal setting
  • Budgeting, saving and banking education
  • Debt resolution
  • Credit score improvement

Our Family Resource Specialists meet with participants one-on-one to provide more specific guidance and assistance in creating a clear plan to achieve the participant's goals. Additional tools are provided for tracking spending to help make improvements to spending habits and to support remaining financially stable.

After completing the program, each participant takes the assessment again to track their progress and has access to continued coaching if desired. There are also incentives to complete the program such as bill paying assistance, asset purchasing assistance to help fund larger purchases such as a car or tuition, and a savings match for families that choose to start an emergency savings account.

Are you a current YMIA client?


Must be a resident of Hillsborough or Rockingham County receiving or eligible to receive at least one of our other services.

Must be motivated to improve financial state.

How to Apply

For more information on financial coaching, tax preparation assistance and other services offered through Your Money in Action, contact your local Resource Center or call (603) 431-2911.

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