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Being able to keep the lights on at home no longer needs to be a weight on your shoulders. The Electric Assistance Program (EAP) provides a discount on monthly electric bills for income-eligible utility customers, making bills more affordable for homeowners, renters and subsidized renters to help avoid service interruption due to non-payment.

Every month, Electric Assistance recipients will receive an 5% to 86% discount on their bill from Eversource Energy, Liberty Utilities, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative or Unitil.

Did you know that the statewide Electric Assistance Program is supported by all New Hampshire electric utility customers? Every monthly electric utility bill in New Hampshire collects what is called a system benefits charge (SBC) and this small portion is gathered together to help support the funding needed to run Electric Assistance.




Households must be in New Hampshire, can be rented or owned and must meet the following income guidelines:

How To Apply

Contact your local office for a phone interview.

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