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Sometimes what’s needed to lower your heating and energy bills are simple changes throughout your home. Whether you own or rent, our federally funded Weatherization Program is designed to address health and safety issues inside your home. By employing energy conservation measures, the energy efficiency of the home may increase resulting in reduced energy costs – all at no cost to you.

In 2019, we provided Weatherization services to 618 homes. We start by conducting an energy audit analysis of your home which helps to identify any health and safety concerns to then determine where changes and updates should be made. These changes work in conjunction with various other conservation programs funded by Liberty Utilities, Eversource, Unitil and NH Electric Co-Op.

Examples of Weatherization updates to your home may include:
  • Repairing, caulking, and weather-stripping doors and windows
  • Hard piping dryer exhaust vents to make drying safer and more efficient
  • Installing new bathroom exhaust fans
  • Metering of refrigerators to possibly qualify for FREE REPLACEMENT
  • Installing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors if needed
  • Reducing air infiltration and drafts by sealing areas throughout the home with the use of Infra-Red and Blower Door technology
  • Installing “low flow” shower heads and faucet aerators
  • Upgrading lighting to become more energy efficient
  • Ordering a one-time thorough cleaning, tuning, and evaluation which may include minor repairs of your primary heating system
  • Adding insulation to walls, attics, and basement areas of the home
  • Replacing or repairing primary heating system & water heater when funding permits


Households must be in Hillsborough or Rockingham County, can be owned including mobile homes or rented with landlord permission and must meet the following income guidelines with priority given to the elderly, persons with disabilities, and families with children under six:

How to Apply

You must complete either a Fuel Assistance or Electric Assistance Application which acts as a dual application for Weatherization.

You must answer YES to the question that asks “Are you interested in receiving weatherization services” to ensure your application is received for the Weatherization program.


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