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Sarah Vanderhoof

Child Development Director

Sarah Vanderhoof has worked for Southern New Hampshire Services, Inc. since 2006.  She holds a BA in Science of Health from Wheaton College, a BS in Health Science with a nutrition focus from Keene State College, and an MS in Management with a focus on Health Care Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.  Sarah is a registered and licensed dietitian in the state of New Hampshire, having completed her dietetic internship through the program at Keene State College.  In addition to her degrees, she holds certificates in the areas of Child and Adolescent Weight Management, allergic diseases, and ServSafe.  Soon after starting out at SNHS as the Nutrition Manager for the Child Development program, Sarah switched to the role of Health & Nutrition Services Specialist, and became the Child Development Director in 2018.  Through the years Sarah has been involved in various workgroups and initiatives in the state including work on the NH Health & Equity Partnership, the Race, Ethnicity, and Language Data Workgroup; the NH COPD State Plan Initiative; Let’s Grow! New Hampshire; Child Care Advisory Committee Safety & Health Subgroup; the Nashua Lead Action Committee; and the Oral Health Advisory Committee.