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Job Description

The incumbent of this position is responsible for: the overall health and safety of the infants and toddlers in the program.  She/He works as a member of the classroom team in forming trusting relationships with the children and families, developing lesson plans, ongoing assessments, and general classroom management.


Received: Works under the direct supervision of the Center Director

Exercised: None.

RATE: $18.58 -$19.67 Based on Education and Experience                                                                                                                      


  1. Support the mission and philosophy of the Head Start program. Work in partnership with families without judgment or bias, recognizing and respecting individual differences and backgrounds.
  2. Demonstrate the highest standards of personnel integrity, truthfulness, honesty, and fortitude in all our Community Action activities in order to inspire confidence and trust in the Community Action movement.
  3. Establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment. Develop trusting relationships with the children and families by creating a positive, nurturing environment; encourage the involvement of families and support the development of relationships between children and families.
  4. Plan and implement daily learning experiences that advance the intellectual and physical development of children, including the readiness of children for school by developing their literacy, phonemic, and print awareness, their understanding and use of language and increasingly complex and varied vocabulary, their appreciation of books, their understanding of early math and science, their problem solving abilities and their approaches to learning.
  5. Welcome and support families as the primary educator of their child; provide opportunities for families to participate in the curriculum outside of the classroom (i.e. home-school connections); utilizing tools provided, such as Lending Library, Good Guy activities, and mascots; encourage family engagement in the classroom and program through volunteering, curriculum development and planning.
  6. Provide positive guidance for children, following SNHS Child Development Program’s Behavior Management Policy, PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support); initiate referrals for mental health or behavioral concerns to support children and families.
  7. Attend not less than 15 clock hours of classroom focused professional development; complete not less than 18 hours of professional development annually to meet NH State Licensing Requirements.
  8. Work with supervisory staff to develop professional development plans which focus on increasing professional skills and expanding professional knowledge base. To explore outside training opportunities to meet those plans, if applicable. Participate fully in training opportunities exhibiting professionalism as outlined in program guidelines for professional development. 
  9. Relate professionally and tactfully with all program participants and co-workers; maintain positive interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to work as part of a team. Build partnerships with families within professional boundaries, communicating program policies and procedures.
  10. Assure completion of teaching responsibilities including:
  • Complete developmental and behavioral screenings on each child within 45 days of starting date and continue with on-going observation and assessment procedures throughout enrollment in the program.
  • Plan weekly and provide daily classroom activities (both teacher-initiated and child-initiated) geared to meet individual needs and interests of the children.
  • Plan and implement 2 nutrition lessons per month.
  • Facilitate Family Style Meals in accordance with Classroom Food Service Management procedures.
  • Complete 4 family visits per year, scheduling all meetings at the convenience of the family, with the goal of 2 home visits and 2 center visits each year. Coordinate these visits with Family Worker to maintain a team approach and insure sharing of information and joint planning.
  • Maintain required classroom paperwork (including but not limited to: lesson plans, bleach logs, meal tallies and attendance).
  • Know the health and nutrition conditions of the children in their care and maintain up to date   Health and Nutrition Binder.  Maintain medication records.
  • Understand and follow Emergency Preparedness Procedures
  1. Take part in center team responsibilities including:
  • Coordinate with community members to provide onsite field trips.
  • Attend parent meeting as scheduled and participate in the presentations of classroom learning centers.
  • Share in cleaning responsibilities with all of the team members.
  • Participate in all Family Engagement initiatives.
  • Collection of Non Federal Share documentation
  • Take part in recruitment efforts as assigned
  • Take part in all center staff meetings & training as scheduled.
  • Take part in LEA meetings as necessary.
  • Change diapers when appropriate, maintaining proper hygiene (gloves, hand-washing)
  • Maintain current CPR and First Aid Training as assigned.
  1. As assigned by supervisor, be named as the designated Center Director for the State of NH Childcare Licensing Bureau.
  2. Will maintain professional boundaries with all current, past, and prospective clients, and maintain the confidentiality of clients and staff, in accordance with SNHS policy and procedure.
  3. Abide by all SNHS Safety policies and procedures.
  4. Present professional and positive image as a representative of SNHS.
  5. Responsible for having adequate knowledge of all SNHS programs and will gather sufficient intake information to make referrals to other SNHS programs which are beneficial to the client and his/her family.
  6. Perform other related duties as required.


In the SNHS, Inc. Child Development program, a teacher should expect to:

  1. Kneel to address children at eye level.
  2. Be able to demonstrate motor activities that may include running, hopping, jumping, dancing, and full body motions.
  3. Be able to run after a child in peril.
  4. Lift children in emergencies.
  5. Nurture children who may need consoling in the case of challenging behaviors.
  6. Get on the ground with children in case of fire and help them crawl to safety.
  7. Sometimes get kicked or hit accidentally during exuberant play.


The candidate will be at least 21years of age and have a minimum of an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or a related field with a minimum of 6 courses in ECE/Child Development (one of which must be Child Growth and Development). Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education is preferred.  All hiring is subject to NH Code Administrative Rules and Head Start Performance Standards and mandates for professional accreditation.

Nashua, NH
Child Development
Contract type
Full Time
Desired Experience
Education Requirement
Associates Degree

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