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Head Start

Head Start is a comprehensive child development program designed to foster the healthy development of preschool children and their families.


Child Development Services:

  • Quality preschool education to promote school readiness skills;
  • Ongoing developmental screening and assessment to meet the varying needs of children;
  • Activities to build social and self-help skills.

Health & Nutrition:

  • Work with families to address special health and nutritional needs;
  • Provide healthy meals and snacks;
  • Health & nutrition screenings.

Family Services:

  • Parenting support and education;
  • Parent involvement opportunities and social activities;
  • Support with access to needed community services.

Program Options (vary by area):

  • Traditional part-year Head Start;
  • Head Start with extended day childcare.


  • Children must be 3 or 4 years old by September 30th;
  • Income eligibility requirements for Head Start programming;
  • No cost for part day programming;
  • NAEYC and Licensed Plus designated centers.
  • Individualized services provided to meet the needs of children with disabilities
  • Staff supports families in identifying transportation resources

Head Start Frequently Asked Questions


1.  How do I know if I am eligible for Head Start?

Head Start eligibility is based on the child’s age, where the family lives and the family income. Children must be at least three years old by September 30th and the family must live in Hillsborough  or Rockingham Counties. The family’s gross yearly income must be at or below the federal poverty guidelines.

2.  How does Head Start calculate family income?

Program staff will need to verify the family income in the past 12 months OR the last calendar year. We can accept copies of pay stubs, tax form 1040, W-2, or a letter from an employer. Head Start staff will work with you to obtain all the needed documentation and to calculate eligibility for available program options.

3. What if I don’t work?

Head Start considers all income of the parents or guardians of the child applying for Head Start who are living in the home. This includes but is not limited to TANF, Social Security, SSI, child support and unemployment.

4. How can I apply?

Head Start staff meets with families to complete an application. Families can call the Head Start office in their area to make an appointment and find out what they need to bring with them. You can also call the main office at (603) 668-8010 ext. 6098 or 1 (800) 322-1073 ext. 6098.

5. What do I need to bring with me to apply?

Families need to bring proof of the child’s date of birth and any income received by the parents or guardians of the child applying for Head Start who are living in the home. The program staff will review this with you when you call for an appointment.

6.  What services does Head Start provide?

Head Start is a preschool program for children 3-5 years old. Our highly qualified staff works with children on the skills needed for kindergarten. Classes meet daily, Monday through Friday for 3 ½ -4 hours. Nutritious meals are provided. Extended day services are available at some sites for parents who work or attend school full time. Family support staff also works with families to connect them to community resources, meet family goals and provide parent education.

7. Where is Head Start located?

SNHS Head Start has sites are located in Nashua, Manchester, Hillsboro and Greenville in Hillsborough County and Derry, Portsmouth, Hampton and Raymond in Rockingham County. The centers serve nearby towns within both counties. See our site list for more details.



From 5/20/2012 to 5/25/2012, Administration for Children and Families conducted an on-site monitoring review of the Southern New Hampshire Services, Inc. Head Start and Early Head Start programs.  Based on the information gathered during our review, it was determined that your Head Start and Early Head Start programs are in compliance with all applicable Head Start Program Performance Standards, laws, regulations and policy requirements.  Accordingly, no corrective action is required at this time.

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