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Dan Girard

Weatherization Director

Daniel Girard was born and raised in Manchester, NH, and participated in a Southern NH Services Summer program "CETA" in 1975 working at the VA Hospital Dietetics’ Department. While attending high school in the late 70’s Daniel worked nights at NH Insurance as a full-time  maintenance staff person  He married soon after high school and his first few jobs were in the hardware & property management business  In 1984 Daniel’s career in the field of energy conservation began when he was hired by Southern NH Services to work in the Weatherization program. Starting out as a materials installer on one of the many crews, he was soon promoted and managed his own crew. Within a few years Daniel was moved into the Weatherization Technical Coordinator position. Receiving his certification at the New England Fuel Institute in 1989 started him on the road to managing the Weatherization Program Heating Repair and Replacement Program. Daniel was recently named the Weatherization Program Director.  In addition to his 30 years with Southern NH Services, he served as a part time Police Officer from 2007 through 2017 and is still employed part time as a Security Supervisor at a local venue, a position he has held since 2001.  Daniel has attained numerous certifications over the course of his time in the Weatherization Program and in 2009 was presented with the National Recognition Award from the US Department of Energy.