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Child Development Program Options and Locations

Summary of Program Models


This program model provides preschool experiences for children 3 to 5 years of age. It is designed to meet each child’s developmental needs. The program involves the whole family in a multifaceted approach to early education with a focus on school readiness. In addition to individualized child development activities each child’s medical, dental, nutritional, emotional, and social needs are addressed. Head Start services are delivered through center attendance and home visits. Children attend class for approximately 4 hours each day. Centers are located in Derry, Greenville, Hillsborough, Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, Hampton and Seabrook.


This program model meets the needs of parents who are working or are in programs designed to support families with self-sufficiency goals. The program has five centers that provide wrap around childcare in addition to Head Start services. These centers are open an average of ten hours per day to meet the needs of families. Each center works with the State Scholarship system to provide assistance for families who meet the guidelines. The program employs dedicated professionals with backgrounds in early education, health, mental health, family services, and nutrition. Centers are located in Manchester, Nashua, and Hillsborough.


The Early Head Start Program is a comprehensive child development program that works with children from birth to three. There are two program options in Early Head Start. The center-based option provides full day services for children ages 6 weeks to three years. The home-based option works with families from the prenatal period to three years. Families participating in home based participate in a weekly home visit with a focus on child development and health. Parent participation in the visits is an important part of the program. There are also regular opportunities for group social activities. Centers are located in Manchester and Nashua.


The Child Care Program model offers high quality childcare. Support from the CCDF Scholarship (Child Care Development Fund Scholarship) and grants from the greater Monadnock Region and United Way of Greater Nashua have ensured that childcare remains affordable to low-income working families. Programs are designed to meet each child’s individual needs. A dedicated staff provides a variety of learning experiences that encourage social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. The centers are located in Nashua, Manchester and Hillsborough.


A Before and After School Program is available in Hillsborough. This program provides care for students in grades K-5. The Hillsborough program provides a nurturing environment that promotes positive growth and development. Staff walks children to and from the local elementary school.

For additional information about the program or to complete an application, call your local center at the number listed below. During the months of June-August, please call our central office at (603) 668-8010, ext. 6098 or 1 (800) 322-1073, ext. 6098. Applications are accepted year round. We look forward to hearing from you!

The following are locations and contact information for area Head Start and Early Head Start Programs:

Site Name/Address


Program Options

Bronstein Head Start
41 Central St.
Nashua NH 03060
(603) 882-3384 Part-day Head Start offered in the morning. Program offered September to mid-June.
Derry Head Start
9 Crystal Ave.
Derry NH 03038
(603) 216-8864 Part-day Head Start offered in the morning. Program offered September to mid-June.
Early Head Start – Manchester
Silver Street Head Start Center
160 Silver St.
Manchester NH 03103
(603) 668-8010 ext. 6107 This center offers three program options: a double session preschool with morning and afternoon sessions; home based services for infants and toddlers; Early Head Start infant/toddler care with wrap around childcare services. Program available year-round.
Early Head Start – Nashua
88 Temple St.
Nashua NH 03060
(603) 578-1732
(Center Based Program)
(603) 578-1397
(Home Based Program)
This center offers two program options: full day comprehensive services for infants and toddlers and home based services for infants and toddlers. Program available year-round.
Eleventh Street Head Start
24 Eleventh St.
Nashua NH 03060
(603) 882-6278 Part-day Head Start offered in the morning. Program offered September to mid-June.
Greenville Head Start Center
16 Adams St.
Greenville NH 03048
(603) 878-4028 Part-day Head Start offered in the morning. Program offered September to mid-June.
Hampton Head Start
Centre School, 53 Winnacunnet Rd.
Hampton, NH 03842
(603) 601-2196 Part-day Head Start offered in the morning. Program offered September to mid-June.
Hillsborough Head Start & Child Care
21 School St.
Hillsborough NH 3244
(603) 464-3136 This center offers several programming options: A morning session for part-day Head Start; Full day childcare for preschool aged children; before and after school care for kindergarteners through grade 5. Program available year-round.
Manchester Head Start West
435 South Main St.
Manchester, NH 03102
(603) 666-5982 x 16 Part-day Head Start double session offered September to mid-June
Nashua Child Development Center
134 Allds St.

Nashua, NH 03060
(603) 889-7812 This center offers many options for early care and education: Part day Head Start in the morning; Head Start with wrap around child care services; Early Head Start center based infant/toddler care and childcare placements for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Program available year-round.
Portsmouth Head Start
Community Campus
100 Campus Dr., #22
Portsmouth NH 03801
(603) 422-8231 Part-day Head Start offered in the morning. Program offered September to mid-June.
Raymond Head Start
108 Fremont Rd.
Raymond, NH 03077
(603) 244-2937 Part day Head Start services offered in the morning. Program offered September to mid-June.
Rose Byrne Head Start Center
40 Pine St.
Manchester NH 03103
(603) 668-8010 ext 6039 Part-day Head Start offered in the morning; Head Start with wrap-around child care services and preschool child care options available. Program available year-round.
Seabrook Head Start Center
146 Lafayette Rd.
Seabrook, NH 03874
(603) 474-3507 Part-day Head Start offered in the morning. Program offered September to mid-June.
Head Start @ Manchester Community College
Manchester Community College
1066 Front St.
Manchester NH 03102
(603) 623-2332 Part-day Head Start offered in morning. Program offered September to mid-June

Northwest Head Start
300 Youville St.
Manchester, NH 03102

(603) 518-5824 Part day Head Start offered in the morning, Monday through Friday. Offered in collaboration with Northwest Elementary School in Manchester. Program runs September to Mid-June.
Manchester, NH Manchester, NH Portsmouth, NH
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