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Additional funds for all women and children participants of the New Hampshire WIC Program have been added value to their monthly Cash Value Benefit (CVB). This temporary increase, from the current $9 for children per month and $11 for women per month, to $35 per month each will be in effect for the months of June, July, August, and September 2021. A woman with 2 children on the program will see an increase from $29 to $105 per month.

The increased value of the Cash Value Benefit will help lessen the impact of food insecurity, help New Hampshire grocers and farmers, and add to the bottom line of healthier foods for WIC families!

Families currently on the WIC Program will start to see this increase in their CVB automatically in June.

Families not on WIC yet can do a quick pre-application by clicking here.


For more information call 1-800-WIC-4321.

All appointments are currently remote.