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Job Description

The SNHS/NHEP Field Support Manager provides technical assistance and policy clarification; conducts quality assurance auditing; researches and analyzes program performance data; participates in the establishment of program priorities; and provides management support to one or more NHEP Teams.


Works under the direction of the SNHS Workforce Development Operations Manager.


Provides direct supervision to SNHS Career Counselors and Job Developers working within assigned NHEP Teams.


  • Conduct on-site and/or remote supervision of SNHS NHEP staff to ensure correct application of NHEP policies and procedures, meeting performance measures, initiation of corrective action to ensure performance measures and program goals are met.
  • Supervises daily field operations of NHEP to ensure consistent utilization of best practices, effective service delivery, and efficient resource allocation and utilization.
  • Supervises and evaluates the work performance of NHEP Career Counselors.  Responsible for personnel actions including assigning work, conducting performance appraisals and corrective action planning, resolving personnel problems, interviewing and selecting new staff, disciplining staff according to agency and/or department policy, identifying training needs, and assuring timely staff development.
  • Supervises operations and Career Counselor staff providing quality reviews of Hardship Extension approvals and ongoing monitoring of case management of clients receiving a Hardship Extension from NHEP.  Oversees the collection and analysis of Hardship Extension data to reduce case errors and improve NHEP participation and meaningful engagement.
  • Analyzes and evaluates performance data for NHEP teams, specialized units, and Career Counselors to identify unit productivity, program strengths, deficiencies, and individual training needs. Develops and implements corrective action plans to address findings and insure federal participation requirements are continuously achieved. 
  • Evaluates the operational impacts of automated statewide benefit and service payment systems (New Heights and NH Bridges) on NHEP, and coordinates with other divisions and bureaus to insure agency and program priorities and needs are represented and achieved.
  • Develops and provides specialized training to District Offices Career Counselors, Job Developers, and partner agency supervisors in program policy, procedure and work methods, including developing and delivering training for all assigned staff.
  • Identifies and resolves interagency communication and coordination issues between NHEP program staff, District Offices and community agencies to streamline service delivery and insure effective resource and contract utilization.
  • Identifies local program resource shortages and coordinates with employers, community leaders and agency directors to develop and implement new initiatives and services to insure an adequate array of services is available.
  • Monitors and evaluates NHEP work and automated system processes, business processes and work methods for specialized units, and agency and program initiatives for effectiveness and impact.  Analyzes operational and statistical data.  Provides recommendations to upper management for corrective actions to achieve operational effectiveness.  Develops and implements short- and long-range plans to achieve state and federal mandates, agency service goals, and program objectives.


  • Strong organization, detail and analytical skills with ability to prioritize work to ensure that multi-faceted programs are operating effectively.
  • Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision.
  • Effective communicator, including superior written and oral and communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to motivate and energize staff.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team (with internal and external customers) to ensure quality outcomes are achieved.
  • Ability to understand and implement internal policies and procedures.
  • Creative thinking, and effective problem-solving, judgment and decision-making skills.
  • Ability to understand, analyze, and act on data gleaned from complex statistical reports.
  • Must be available for extensive travel to NHEP locations statewide.
  • Understanding of workforce development concepts, principals, and strategies. 


Preferred Education:  Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university, with a major study in Public Administration, Business Administration, Social Welfare, Human Services, Education, Social Sciences, or Counseling.  Each additional year of approved formal education may be substituted for one year of required work experience.

Experience:  Six years’ experience in public assistance or public assistance work programs, plus three years in a supervisory or management level position in any occupational area.  If related to the program area, the supervisory or management experience will count as part of the six years total experience.  Additional years of relevant work experience may be considered in lieu of education. 

License/Certification: Valid driver's license and/or access to transportation for use in statewide travel.


  • Thorough working knowledge of NHEP policies and procedures.
  • Workforce development experience, including knowledge of NHEP, DHHS/BES, NHES and related partner agencies.
  • Strong working knowledge of New Heights and Bridges.
  • Experience in design, implementation and oversight of projects/programs.
  • Experience in supervision of staff.

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