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Job Description

The incumbent of this position is responsible for enhancing service coordination to residents of senior housing. The incumbent will provide: limited case management, service coordination, plan education programs. The RSC links with outside service agencies and negotiates affordable services as needed.   The RSC educates residents on available services and develops a network of contacts with service providers and agencies for resident referrals. The RSC also monitors the provision of services to residents.

The RSC works in conjunction with the housing managers and to empower residents to age in place and remain as independent and self-reliant as possible.


Received: Works under the direct supervision of the Housing Manager, and general supervision of the Housing Director.

Exercised: None.


  • Recruitment of volunteer drivers for the Greenville Falls van, follow all DOT established annual guidelines to insure compliance with the program, coordinate and maintain van schedule, responsible to drive van as necessary and when needed when volunteers are unable to.
  • Responsible to complete an on line bi-annual HUD RSC Report using an approved assessment tracking report;
  • Assists and educates residents and families of the services which may be necessary to maintain a self-reliant lifestyle;
  • Promotes health and wellness activities for all residents and educates residents, families and staff on available community resources and access to them to sustain an independent lifestyle that assures individualized quality of life;
  • Assists residents in building informal support networks among themselves and with family members;
  • Acts as a liaison between community agencies, service providers, and residents;
  • Works as a team member with housing manager in servicing residents and staff; does not perform any duties or functions that are assigned to management or are associated with management responsibilities;
  • Encourages residents to be proactive in meeting their social, psychological and physical needs;
  • Facilitates meeting of needs when necessary, but avoids the creation of unhealthy dependence;
  • Uses the least restrictive intervention necessary to alleviate a problem situation;
  • Upon the request of the housing manager acts as a resource to assist residents or coordinate training for residents in understanding tenancy obligations;
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and be able to travel when needed.
  • Will maintain professional boundaries with all current, past, and prospective clients, and maintain the confidentiality of clients and staff, in accordance with SNHS policy and procedure.
  • Abide by all SNHS Safety policies and procedures.
  • Present professional and positive image as a representative of SNHS.
  • Responsible for having adequate knowledge of all SNHS programs and will gather sufficient intake information to make referrals to other SNHS programs which are beneficial to the client and his/her family.
  • Perform other related duties as required.


  • Knowledge of professional boundaries related to providing service coordination; and
  • Good communication skills, writing, oral, problem solving and organizational skills in addition to strong advocacy capabilities.
  • Knowledge of DOT rules and regulations.


  • A bachelor of Social Work or degree in Gerontology, Psychology, or Counseling is preferable: a college degree is fully acceptable. However, individuals without a degree, but with appropriate work experience may be hired.


  • Demonstrated working knowledge of community services in the region with particular knowledge of services that are provided for the population living within the facility:
  • Proven experience in service management or facilitation, including organizing, problem-solving and advocating:
  • General knowledge of the aging process, elder services, disability services, substance abuse and mental health services;
  • Knowledge of eligibility for an applications procedures of federal and state entitlement programs.

Southern New Hampshire Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Nashua, NH
Facilities & Housing
Contract type
Full Time
Desired Experience
Education Requirement
Bachelor's Degree