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Workplace Success

Workplace Success is a partnership between the Department of Health and Human Services-Division of Family Assistance, SNHS, and the other New Hampshire Community Action Agencies. The goal of the program is to prepare participants to  enter a volunteer  Work Experience position within a nonprofit, business, or local/state government host site for 20-30 hours per week until they obtain full-time paid employment.

Workplace Success provides participants in the New Hampshire Employment Program with the skills, knowledge, experience and support needed to obtain unsubsidized paid employment. The Workplace Success Service Bureau gives trainees an opportunity to perform work assignments on-site and includes computer projects, clerical support, data entry and assembly projects.

To complement the Service Bureau, Work Skills Training enhances employability and includes customer service skills, written and verbal communication skills, workplace survival skills, and basic-to-advanced Microsoft applications and keyboarding skills. Workplace Success training sites are located in 12 communities across the state: Berlin, Tamworth, Littleton, Claremont/Lebanon,  Keene, Concord, Laconia, Manchester, Nashua, Derry, Portsmouth and Rochester. (See chart below.)

Download the latest edition of the Workplace Success Program “Service Bureau In Action” newsletter here:
Service Bureau in Action April 2013 (PDF Download)

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Service Bureau In Action February 2013  (PDF Download)


WPS Office Contact Phone Email
Berlin Hunky Dupuis (603) 752-3500
Claremont/Lebanon Suzanne Nadeau (603) 542-6236
Concord Cathe Roche (603) 223-2305
Keene Joyce Lanier (603) 357-1822
Laconia Emma Laing (603) 524-4367
Littleton Linda Covell (603) 444-2011
Manchester Connie Cote (603) 668-3148
Nashua Sara Davis-Pagan (603) 889-0531
Portsmouth Clancey Richter (603) 766-0166
Rochester Melissa Cardin (603) 994-0130
Derry Kathleen Wolfe (603) 216-8860
Tamworth Susan Marjerison (603) 323-7321