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Early Head Start Home Visitor (Nashua 35 hrs/52 wks)

Job Summary:

Provide services for pregnant women, infants, toddlers and their families enrolled in the Early Head Start home based program. Plan and carry out weekly home visits with families and provide parent education and referrals to needed services.         

Supervision Received:

Supervision from the Early Head Start Center Director.

Supervision Exercised:

No supervision exercised.


The candidate will have a degree in Early Childhood Development, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology or Human Services; Prior experience in case work, community organizations, and working with small groups; Understanding of principles of child health, safety and nutrition, adult learning principles and family dynamics; Ability to communicate and motivate adults; Ability to be flexible with time for evening home visits, meetings, and possible weekend parent activities.  Must have valid New Hampshire drivers license, carry adequate automobile insurance and be able to provide proof of insurance.

Physical Requirements:

In the SNHS, Inc. Child Development Program, a family worker should expect to:
  • Kneel to address children at eye level.
  • Demonstrate motor activities that may include running, hopping, jumping, dancing, and full body motions.
  • Be able to run after a child in peril.
  • Lift children in emergency situations.
  • Nurture children who may need consoling in the case of challenging behavior.
  • Get on the ground with children in case of fire and help them crawl to safety.
  • Sometimes get kicked and hit during exuberant play.


  • Build partnerships with families within professional boundaries, establishing goals for family development through family partnership agreements. Refer families for services when needed and follow up as necessary. Take responsibility for learning about all SNHS programs and gather sufficient information to make appropriate referrals.
  • Relate professionally and tactfully with all parents and staff.  Maintain good interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to work as part of a team.
  • Conduct weekly, 90 minute home visits with each assigned family and complete appropriate documentation.
  • Act as a family coach, enhancing the role of the family in planning, presenting, and evaluating each home visit and socialization.
  • Plan and carry out group socializations at least two times per month.
  • Provide family education such as health & safety, nutrition, mental health, disabilities, parenting, and budgeting. Maintain communication with families regarding children’s screening and assessment results; provide support for recommended follow-up. Document services provided.
  • Recruitment of families for all program options. Act as a liaison and advocate between the community and the Child Development program.
  • Report all cases of suspected child abuse and/or neglect to the Division of Children, Youth, and Families following agency guidelines. Document cases in the family file and advise center director. Forward appropriate documentation to the Family Services Manager.
  • Maintain organization of family file. Keep family records up to date in accordance with SNHS, Inc. Child Development procedures. Responsible for data entry and tracking of health, nutrition, and assessment data utilizing the Head Start Family Information System (HSFIS); compile data for the Program Information Report (PIR).
  • Plans and implements the health content to ensure that every enrolled child is up to date in their schedule of well child care including physical exam, immunizations, vision, hearing, dental, nutrition screenings, and all necessary follow up in these areas.
  • Act as liaison with program management and consultants, ensuring communication with and participation of parents in developing plans for identified service needs. Document as appropriate.
  • In conjunction with family involvement coordinator, family service staff will promote family involvement in all areas. Provide support and transportation to Policy Council functions as needed, assist with recruitment, and gather in-kind documentation.
  • Participate in producing and distributing a monthly newsletter for families. Assist in maintaining an up to date resource guide for family’s use.
  • Be familiar with agency personnel policies, all content areas of the Head Start Program Performance Standards and content plans. Carry out the responsibilities described in the plans. 
  • Maintain a professional and positive image as a representative of the program at all times.
  • Attend pre-service and in-service training, as well as other appropriate training sessions. Attends all scheduled staff meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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Contract :
Full Time
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Experience Preferred
Education level :
Bachelor's Degree
Wage :
$13.96 - $16.10/hr
Location :
Nashua, NH
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