Southern New Hampshire Services, Inc.
Toll-Free 1.800.322.1073
(603) 668-8010

Executive & Administrative Staff


Executive Staff

  • Gale Hennessy, CCAP
    Executive Director
  • Michael O’Shea
    Deputy Director/Fiscal Officer
  • Deborah Gosselin, CCAP
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Diane Erikson
    Executive Assistant

Administrative Staff

  • Jeanne Agri
    Child Development Director
  • Patte Ann Ardizzoni
    RCA Administrator
  • Keith Bates
    Community Services Director
  • Christine Beauvais
    Workforce Development Operations Administrator
  • Frank Boudreau
    NH Employment Program Administrator
  • Ryan Clouthier
    Energy Director
  • Valerie Carignan
    Community Health and Nutrition Services Director
  • Keith Dunfey
    Management Information Systems Coordinator
  • Philip Grandmaison
    Special Projects Coordinator
  • Henry Harris
    Community Outreach Director
  • William Hart
    Facilities and Housing Development Director
  • Douglas Heuser
    SEE Science Center Director
  • Jennifer Sanders
    Volunteer Services Director
  • Gregory Schneider
    Community and Multi-Cultural Services Director/ EEO Officer
  • Debra Sevigny
    Housing Director
  • Michael Tabory
    Human Resources Director
  • Denise Vallancourt
    Accounting Manager